Monday, August 15, 2011

Crafty Decorator Project

I was recently watching The Nate Berkus Show and they introduced me to a fun new project.  It's done with Krylon Looking Glass Mirror spray paint.  What an easy way to make your old glass into something new and exciting.  On the Nate Show they made old framed glass into cool framed mirrors.  Use painters tape to create unique patterns or designs (freezer paper might work well for this too).  Check out these pictures of possible projects and watch this video from The Nate Berkus Show: Tweek it Before you Toss it.  I'm so excited to give this a try!!!

Shimmering Holiday Votives
Candle Holder: How To

Check out what Elizabeth did at Eighteenth Century Agrarian Business.  So very AMAZING!!!!


After...Need I say more???!!!

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