Friday, September 23, 2011

Sweater "Remodel"

Well, It's officially Fall has arrived.  Ready or not, for me it's a not but I better start getting used to the idea if I don't want to freeze.  With this in mind I have found the most amazing crafty idea for turning blah into spectacular!  Oh how I wish I could sew.  It's not often I say this as I'm just a crafter.  I'm not too interested in making my own clothes but I've had my times.  Thankfully I have a wonderful mom who is always interested in helping with my sewing projects.  Which leads me to this...

and after a few simple changeroos you get this...

That's right...did you see it...magic!!!  I have never seen something so dull become something so charming.  Now, if I can just try it myself.  Check out the Grosgrain blog for the simple how to's, as well as an entire month of Embellishing your Knits.  That's right she has an idea of how to change up drab sweaters for every day of the month.  It's a must see!!  Enjoy!!

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