Monday, October 3, 2011

T-Shirt Makeover #1

Here we go... T-Shirt Makeover #1!  I've been searching for my most favorite designs and narrowed it down to 1 week worth.  I'll have one everyday for you to try.  Please let me know how it goes!

Without further delay I present day #1:  Sleeves...they're here, they're gone, they're back again!

1: To make it, you'll need to take a long-sleved shirt, and cut the sleeves off so they are a nice short-sleeve length:

2: Then cut each sleeve into two 4" strips, and trim another 1" section off of each, leaving 4 3" strips.

3: Sew one end of two of the 3" strips to the end of the other two, to make 2 very long 3" strips. (do the same for 2 of the 1" strips)

4:Gather both the 3" strips into ruffles that are the length of the front of your shirt.

5: Lay the ruffles on the front of your shirt, with gathered edges ouching, then lay your 1" strip over the gathers, and pin well.

6: Sew the 1" strip and ruffles on to your shirt with a zig-zag stitch.

7: Then arrange buttons down the front, and tape them into place with clear tape. Sew them to your shirt well with a zig-zag stitch.
(You'll need to adjust the stitch width, and use the hand wheel to make sure that the needle will go into each hole without hitting the button.)

Then hem up your sleeves with a zig-zag stitch, and you're done!

Well, did you love it???!!!  I have a few t-shirts that were on their way out of my closet that might just be making a comeback after this.  Please let me know what you think!!

Thanks so much to Disney from Ruffles And Stuff for the wonderful creation!!!  She is super creative and has loads of fabulous ideas.  Please go check her out and let her know how much you love her!!

Drop by tomorrow to see what I came up with for the next T-Shirt makeover!!  

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